Seamless, user-friendly integration

The most valuable assets of an organisation are its people. At HyperSphere we understand this, and focus on ensuring the right technology to enable your team to carry out their roles effectively, whether locally or remotely. All too often, ergonomics are overlooked - with HyperSphere, this is never the case. We provide inspirational thinking to drive innovation and provide more productive working solutions.

We unite people and technology.

As great as it is to experience a perfectly functioning AV-IT set-up, it’s equally frustrating when poor integration means that your new or current systems just won’t do what you want them to.

We design, manage and implement technology solutions around their purpose, helping you to avoid the challenges and pitfalls that you might otherwise have never seen coming.

Our team has vast experience in both AV systems and IT management, which means we understand how your technology can share a common language. With our independent connections to key technology providers, HyperSphere work towards an innovative solution to your technological challenges.

With us as your advisors, you can trust that you’ll never waste money on an imperfect compromise.

Hyper-Sphere image of technology

Finding the right solution for your people, process and place.

Implementing the best technology is only half the battle. To build truly impressive AV into your organisation, it must work from a human perspective too. That’s why we at HyperSphere provide change management support to help your teams understand both each other, and the tools that they’re working with.

We will support you beyond the design and implementation process, providing ongoing and personal assistance. We put in the hours to really understand your people and how they work, communicating and mediating between teams at all levels of your organisation.

After all, technology is only able to do what people are able to do with it.