Our team are experienced systems architects and engineers who have spent years integrating simulation systems in the exciting world of virtual reality, both hardware and software.

Enhancing work spaces

As computer power and graphics performance increase, so do the user lists for large format, immersive visualisation systems. This will continue to expand exponentially, as the cost of these systems falls.  Although typically considered an expensive technology, organisations soon experience the benefits of using this type of technology in their work spaces.

Typically, immersive visualisation systems can be used across industries, to improve design time by increasing productivity, leading to faster and more efficient delivery of products and services while helping save lives.

We cover 4 main industries:

HyperSphere - Medical Simulation example


Technology and the medical world have gone hand in hand for a long time now. HyperSphere are well-placed at the cutting edge of producing  advanced, immersive visualisation simulation systems for use in training in the medical world.


HyperSphere - simulation Engineering


Immersive visualisation simulation systems are used to help aero engineers with a range of crucial industry-wide problems, from stress analysis to product design.



automotive simulation imageAutomotive engineering

Immersive visualisation simulation systems play an increasingly central role in automotive engineering and design.



Oil and gas simulation imageOil and gas

Immersive visualisation simulation systems are used in the oil and gas industries to carry out a range of tasks, from geological surveys to reservoir engineering.