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Technology tools like High Performance Computing (HPC) and HPC graphics are frequently utilised by researchers, scientists and doctors as well as engineers to optimise their research.

Improving the quality of research

Researchers, scientists and doctors frequently utilise research technology tools, such as High Performance Computing (HPC) and HPC graphics, to optimize their research.

During the research process, researchers and scientists need to review the large amounts of data these processes generate. This is where large format, immersive visualisation systems come into play.

HyperSphere - Research imag

Case study:

A team of geologists could discuss, share and make decisions using a system such as in the example image here. The system presents complex, three-dimensional data sets onto a large, immersive display. This enables the team to collaborate with each other,  improving the decision making process.


Working together collaboratively in groups, often remotely, and being able to share data from anywhere around the world is increasingly vital for researchers. There is the potential for security risks with this ability, and it is vital that the organisation’s Intellectual Property does not get exposed to these potential risks. We consider security from the outset of any design, and continue to throughout the life-cycle of any project.

Optimisation of technology

It is often vital to use optimisation technology within an organisation. This is especially true when needing to store huge amounts of data quickly and securely. If you need to store within the cloud or in the the companies own data center, this remains relevant.

As a result of this need, HyperSphere  make sure that your data is secure when transmitted around the world. No matter if traversing your local area network or sending across the world.

HyperSphere - Research image

It can be said that within any projects lifecycle, the largest proportion of the cost is in research and development. Providing the right tools to improve research and reduce time to market is of obvious importance. Same can be said for the shortening of research time in the medical world. In summary, Lives can be saved by shortening the time frame.

At HyperSphere we realise this and work with the client to provide the right collaborative and interactive technological tools to enhance that all important research.